Aviva – What’s your big plan

Cricket, Family and Profession, one of the biggest Challenges I face is to balance the three. My Primary focus is our Kids Education and to secure our Future for which am building my business. Being a Cricket Fanatic, equally important is enjoying the journey without taking my eyes off my passion, Cricket.

Cricket Fan in Me

My Big Plan is to prepare our Kids Adarsh (7) and Akshay( 3) for what the future has in store for them, mould and teach them character, values and good morals and when they grow up, guide and support with finances to pursue and realize their dreams.

As a Child, they have many dreams, becoming a Pilot, Engineer, Doctor, Cricketer and many more. But what matters according to us is that they must have a good platform, enough financial security, right guidance and support.

Naughty Boys

As Parents, Me and Kavitha do our best to manage our kids financial needs when they grow up. Periodic investment towards their higher education is a part of our financial planning since they turned one along with Investments towards our Retirement Plans. We do have plans to give something back to the society after retirement through charity.


Breaks with Family, Friends to visit places and Cricket Matches in order to get those refreshing breaks allow me to go the Extra Mile to stretch myself towards the Big Plan as I believe success is a journey, not a destination.

A Balance between Planning, Executing it in smaller parts, Hard Work and Refreshing breaks while we move towards our Goals is all that I have in my Big Plan and Hope to realize all the Dreams Step by Step.

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One thought on “Aviva – What’s your big plan

  1. bidisha biswas

    I always feel good when i see a family where there are grandparents,inlaws nd many other relation staying together under one roof because i never got such oppurtunity.My grandparents died before i was born and since then our family ripped apart…
    But its said that…

    “You don’t choose your family. They
    are God’s gift to you, as you are to

    Looking all these pics.of a happy family i can only pray to god to protect them always bless them with knowledge, happiness and prosperity…

    My bro prabhu is a big cricket fan.. not just any other fan who just watch cricket,change fav. players ,critisize or else.. he is a genuine fan… has a very precious ‘cric collection’ which i once said “bro when ull have grand childrens u can show it to them” as grandchildrens r more attached to grandparents than parents.They love to learn from them even understand quickly what the want to say….

    Having a balenced life is quite a diff. work these days.. but when one have a supportin life partner who share your responsibility and burden equally…life becomes a bit easy…. my (bhabi) kavita prabhu is a woman who loves her family from heart and respect all with kind gentle soul…

    All i say is that being a better responsible nd kind human being is more important than becoming successful. offcourse success is too important..


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