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Money Can’t Buy you Happiness, but surely some Memorabilia !!

It’s not just about watching the game, cheering for your favorite sports team or sportsperson, but for me it’s something beyond too. Collecting Sports Memorabilia has been one of my hobbies and I got to thank Social Media Marketing by Brands for giving a lot of opportunities to add to my collections.


Though most of the time, I prefer to get my Autographs in Person, there are times when Twitter and Facebook pave way to add to my collection through contests. But then there are times when there is no way to reach your favorite celebrity or you don’t make the final list in a contest. What Next?, Nothing to be disheartened about. There is Collectabillia. Though a Commercial Initiative, Universal Sportsbiz under its brand ‘Collectabillia’, is every sporting enthusiast’s dream. While they give an opportunity for sports fans to own personally autographed item of their favorite celebrity, their auctions which happen during IPL is something to watch out for.


In a Nation obsessed with Cricket, what is really interesting is that they don’t stop with Cricket. There is something for every sport, well, almost. Politics and Hollywood aren’t excluded too. Be it an investment or for personal happiness, the products offered in the site add great value to one’s collection.

The first time I came across the site was when I wanted to get my hands on the CSK 2011 Team Signed Jersey. When I won the auction for 10,000+ I was quite thrilled in spite of spending so much on a Cricket Memorabillia First Time. On Receiving the Product, got it Framed so that this priceless addition remains a treasure in my collection.


If Personal Autographs are out of budget for fans, then Collectabillia has variety to offer from many favorite celebrities, right from Caps, Mini Bats to Mobile Cases and more. With pricetags for some priceless stuff, there is something for everyone. Sure Money can’t buy happiness but definitely it can get some of your favorite celebrity’s personally signed item to add on to your collection and Cherish it for Life.

Some of my additions from the Site are IPL Champions 2011 CSK Team Signed Jersey, DC 2009 Team Signed Jersey, Sachin signed Adidas Cap and Digitally signed Mini Bats of Virat, Sachin, Yuvraj Singh, Sachin Mobile Case. Sure I look forward to add more in future auctions ( Hoping they would come up with more and more products ).

If Collectabillia is one such blessing for fans, Valuemart Retail is another. Ebay too help at times to reach out for places where you can’t travel and Buy, for example the “Don Bradman” Coins which i had added to my Collection.


Valuemart Gold had come up with a unique range of commemorative products conceptualized by Valuemart Retail. I am glad that I had bought both of their new launches, a 20 gram Silver Coin and a Limited Edition 200gm Silver Coin, a semi proof silver coin embossed with a relief image of Sachin on the front and Signature of Sachin, encircled by 24 stars depicting the 24 years of International cricket played by the legend. Made in Swiss, the Quality and Finish of the Coins are Stunning and definitely stand out as the Master Blaster Himself.   Sure these coins are a must buy for every Sachin Fan. Am sure they are going to come up with more products in future and looking forward to make my collection bigger.

Note : If you have a Sports Memorabilia, do realize the value and preserve it, they are priceless. None of my Collections Came by Chance, but by Choice. If anyone you know could add to my collection or help, then it would be awesome. Of Course, only if they are willing to part with it to make my collection bigger. Cheers.