#NeverSettle for the Ordinary ‘coz #OnePlus is always a Step ahead

Dear Rajiv Makhni

I thought why not pen down a little more to let you know, Why I should be the chosen one to win the priceless #Oneplus3T signed by you. I have been participating and interacting in various posts by you, on the weekly #RajivMakhnionUC, #AskRajiv because more that the prize itself, it was a great experience to get interacting with someone who you love seeing speak on gadgets. Being a gadget freak, the prizes were secondary, but getting answered or interacting with you was special. But then, when I saw this post, i thought, it should be me who must win it, first for that its an Oneplus3T which is on offer. Second the autograph on it makes it priceless. i.e my most favorite gadget brand, topped up with an autograph of my most favorite gadget guru.

Let me explain a bit further in this, How i fell in love with Oneplus and the journey so far. Most of my friends used to tease me that am a Brand Ambassador of Oneplus and that am their unpaid marketing guy!. But then, I love the concept, love their devices and always felt #Oneplus is truly value for money, with the best build quality, latest on offer and is the Phone everyone must settle for.

The first time, I heard about Oneplus is July 2013, when my friend purchased one through my credit card. But then there were no shareable invites then and i had to wait till Sep 2014 to order one from my friend’s account as he had an invite then. Paying via paypal , international conversion, Interactions in the oneplus forum, finding some one to Bring to India, it was an experience itself before i got my hands on the all new awesome Oneplus then. I was upgrading from Google Nexus 4.

When oneplus launched in India, was among the few who were already using it, suggested friends to go for it and #NeverSettle and shared a lot of invites after to friends. Once you start using it, there is no going back. Lot of my fans were skeptical saying oh another chinese brand, do they have service. But I bought my Oneplus1 in US in 2014 and never had to take it to a service center so far. That’s how awesome the device has performed. Photos are amazing.

When the Oneplus Two was launched, went for an upgrade right away and passed my Oneplus 1 to my wife. She is still using it, and finds it the best among the ones she used and doesn’t want to move away to a different one unless i get here the 3T or Oneplus 5 !.

I added the Stylish Oneplus Powerbank to my kitty when it was launched and I always went for original oneplus accessories.

I am still using Oneplus2, as with a phone of 4gb ram, 64gb memory, i don’t feel like i need an upgrade !. It’s still ahead. So was planning to go for the Oneplus5 directly. However when i saw that this is signed by Rajiv, my eyes lit up !. May be its time i add to my Keepsakes, an autograph from a Gadget Guru !!

I collect Cricket and Sports persons autographs as a hobby. Here is a quick look into my Cricket Keepsakes Page. https://www.facebook.com/CricketKeepsakes/

Now what has it to with this? Yes, i feel it has. As i always love to collect autographs, a gadget signed by gadget guru is priceless for that matter and would be a fantastic one for a gadget freak like me. And this will also ensure I proudly add this signed phone to my Keepsakes collection, of course I will do what it takes to ensure the autograph stays, with protective cases and handling in usage.


May be after you read this, you may want the folks at Oneplus India to feature me in a Video of theirs too :-). All said and done, I am waiting for the Oneplus 5, as I feel the next device will be another awesome launch by them to stay ahead of the rest. Yes, there will always be 1 or 2 other phones with some killer features, but I will Never Settle, and will stay ahead with Oneplus which gives the best value for money and top end phones which stay ahead of the rest.


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